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School of Climate Action

Climate Data, Driving Long Lasting Climate Solutions

Climate Data, Driving Long Lasting Climate Solutions

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About School of Climate Action

The School of Climate Action Launched during the COP27, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt is an initiative of the Climate Leadership Fellowship created to promote and showcase the importance of climate data as strong pathways for the implementation of solutions that work.

The climate data and information we analyse are collected by our fellows who work in several communities in Nigeria interacting with secondary school students and community members to generate this information.

Data is important if climate solutions will be long To profer solutions that work, or to plan reparations for loss and damage – it’s important to quantify these impacts. Here’s where data comes in.

At first pilot, we collected a data of over 7000 respondents collected in 56 communities across Nigeria where our fellows work. This data present a detailed information on how climate change affects vulnerable communities and recommended steps to address it.

Our Climate Data can inform policy makers, governments, investors and financiers on where to zoom into for climate funding, on how to advocate for climate support, how to identify “Most People in Need, and almost affected Areas”. Etc

Email admin@climateleadershipfellowship.org, glory.oguegbu@climateleadershipfellowship.org to engage us on your project.

We consult for governments, international agencies and non profits on specifically how climate change has affected a place, a people or a demographic. Reach out to us to learn the Most Affected People and Areas for climate support.

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Climate Data for long lasting climate solution